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initial consultation

The first step in the resedential landscaping design process is the initial consultation.  We will contact you and set up the most convenient time for you (the client) to meet with us.  The initial consultation is free of charge. At this meeting we will talk about your project.  What are you envisioning? What elements would you definitely like to see in your project?  What would you NOT like to see? Is there a budgetary restriction that we need to stick to?


After we agree on the scope of the project, a design fee will be discussed and agreed upon.  At this time we will also discuss expectations for the time line for the landscape plan or proposal. Feel free to contact us after this meeting if you left anything out or if your vision has changed.

landscape design

The next meeting that we will have with you is to present you with the landscaping design or proposal. At this time we will explain the design to you and the concepts, plant materials and hardscape materials that we are envisioning for the project.  If revisions are needed, we will make them and get back to you with the changes. Once the plan or proposal is completed we will issue you a design invoice and you are now the proud owner of a Rachel Clark Landscape Design! 


If you have decided to let us guide you on choosing a landscape contractor, we will get them involved at this time and get rolling on making your dream a reality!

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