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making connection with landscape contractor

The first step in the process of working with a landscape contractor is the initial consultation.  We will set up a meeting with you, the landscape contractor, and go over our design process and sales approach. The initial meeting is free of charge and we will discuss future fee structure at this point.


We will find out what your profitability goals are and which vendors and equipment you prefer to work with. We have examples of past projects and will go through our processes with you in detail so that everything is clear.  We believe that communication is important and want to make sure that you feel confident that we will take care of you and your customers.



customer meeting

We can work with your clients on whatever level you wish for us too.  We can be the sole contact up until the time of installation or act as a partner to you at client meetings.


We can act as a landscape designer only or draw up sales proposals that would reflect labor and materials costs associated with implementing the design.



design and /or sales process


​Telephone : ​(316) 737-8372

Email :

Once we have agreed on expectations, schedule and budget with your customer, we will begin working on the landscape design and/or proposal as agreed to by all parties. 


Once the design and /or proposal are completed, we will contact you and go over the design and proposal before presenting to the client on whatever level you wish for us to be involved.  We are confident in dealing directly with the customer to free up time for you but we can be involved on whatever level you are comfortable with.


Our goal is to make your company more profitable and free up your time so you can have time to run your company the way you want to!

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